DDOT#6- Google Listen 1.1 Update

18 02 2010

Google’s android app “Listen” gets a well needed update. The newest version, 1.1, adds a plethora of new features along with some bug fixes. The new features include:

  • Subscriptions are stored by Google Reader in the “Listen Subscriptions” folder.
  • Subscribed feed items are fresh, no longer limited in size, and are available offline (and more quickly).
  • Screen “My listen items” shows queued and most recently subscribed item, with refresh button for subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions screen is a list of subscribed feeds instead of the most recent item in the feed.
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DDOT#5- Handcent SMS for Android

15 02 2010

Handcent SMS is by far my FAVORITE app on android. Handcent completely transforms your text messaging into a completely customizable experience. From making it look like the iPhone SMS UI to changing the flashing LED Color , this app does it all. But the best part of this app is its COMPLETELY FREE! Read the rest of this entry »

SweeterHome 2 Beta for Android Theme

14 02 2010

I have been playing around with the Sweeter Home 2 Beta for android and really like it. There is an integrated theme maker in it and i have created my own and put it on the theme server. If you are using SH2Beta then you can download mine its called EpicSimplicity. I will be updating it with new features. If you want to know more about SweeterHome2 Click here